Francisco + Madison | Wedding

A Schleswig, Iowa Wedding Francisco and Madison got married on July 6th in Schleswig, Iowa.  Their ceremony was at the Immanuel Lutheran Church and they celebrated with their reception at the Schleswig Community Building.  Their love for each other and their genuine happiness was an honor to capture.  They were blessed with beautiful weather for … Continue reading Francisco + Madison | Wedding


Passion Tea Lemonade

Passion Tea Lemonade Easiest summer drink ever!  Two ingredients.  Zero caffeine.  Zero calories.  Refreshingly fizzy and delicious!!  I've been drinking this all summer long!  Enjoy!! Passion Tea Lemonade INGREDIENTS: Tazo Passion Herbal Tea OR Red Refresh Herbal Tea  Sparkling Ice Lemonade (or your favorite lemonade) Fresh mint & lime wedges, optional INSTRUCTIONS: Steep the tea … Continue reading Passion Tea Lemonade