Spencer + Brooke | Wedding

A Willow Creek Glass Chapel Wedding

Spencer and Brooke got married on Saturday, September 1st at the Willow Creek Glass Chapel in Shelby, Iowa.  The two of them are undeniably in love, and it was an honor to capture their photos.  Shout out to everyone involved with photos who put up with the heat, humidity, and tons of bugs!  The couple was blessed to have so many family and friends there to help them celebrate.  While we were taking photos, the tiniest little mouse kept coming out by us.  It was pretty cute; you’ll see a photo below.  Speaking of cute, they had the most adorable grilled cheese tomato soup shooters that were equally as delicious as they were cute.  One of my favorite things from their day (aside from their love!) was a necklace with Brooke’s parents handwriting on it.  Enjoy a few of my favorite photos from their day below.  Congrats to Mr. & Mrs. Ball…I wish you nothing but the very best!
C E R E M O N Y  |  Willow Creek Glass Chapel – Shelby, Iowa
R E C E P T I O N  |  Willow Creek Glass Chapel – Shelby, Iowa
B R I D E ‘ S  G O W N  |  Modern Dress – Boone, Iowa
B R I D E S M A I D ‘ S  G O W N S  |  Modern Dress – Boone, Iowa
G R O O M  &  G R O O M S M E N  A T T I R E  |  Reynold’s Clothing – Denison, Iowa
F L O R I S T  |  Hy-Vee – Denison, Iowa
C A K E  |  Main Street – Panama, Iowa
C A T E R I N G  |  Main Street – Panama, Iowa
H A I R  |  Jamie Bexten
M A K E U P  |  Meredith Van Zuiden
D J  |  Chaos Production – La Vista, Nebraska
W E D D I N G  C O O R D I N A T O R S  |  Brooke, Heidi, Holly
W E D D I N G  I N V I T A T I O N S  |  Sam Hamilton Designed;  Printed at Bluespace Creative – Denison, Iowa
R I N G S  |  Helzberg Diamonds
© Terri Demarest Photography

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